Or to give it it’s full title, the Asda Extra Special Aberdeen Angus Steak and Black Sheep Ale pie. We can only hope that the pie as much of a mouthful as it’s name.

Now, I had no real desire to pick up a pie from Asda as part of my official research but this looked highly visually appealing and ticked all the boxes, so why not?

There’s also a label stating that it is currently on sale at a trial price of two quid versus the future price of £2.30, so who am I not to snag a bargain and also become a road tester of this product, all in one go?

For a speculative purchase, things get off to a flyer. It has a golden colour to the top crust, which is dusted with peppercorns and the pie looks to be of considerable depth, whilst also raised in the middle.

It is 30 minutes on the oven on a low heat and, well it’s disclaimer time: I usually hang around to sample the aroma but since getting COVID a week or two ago, well, you can guess the rest. Thankfully, whereas my smell has gone I seemed to have retained most of my tastebuds.

This is going to be awkward if it doesn’t sort itself out soon. I’m currently spending my days sniffing Vicks, coffee, coconut oil, oranges and garlic in a bid to train back my senses ASAP. I like my grub (and fine ale and wines too) so this is hurting me bad.

The wife tells me she can smell that sweet, buttery pastry, but for me, it will have to wait. This is where my sub conscious tells me I will just buy another in a month or two’s time, in my never ending lust for pies. I always find a reason to want to go back.

I get a clean take out of the foil tray, pop it on a plate and carve it up. There is a bit of air space at the top but still a good inch or so of thick steak filling.

I pull out a chunk of steak with the fork and it is chewy but succulent in flavour. The crust is a delight, it is multi layered, crispy on the outside and soft and doughy on the inside to soak up the ale infused gravy. Now on this, I can’t pinpoint with any certainty the Black Sheep ale but there’s a distinct juicy, fruity note to it.

All in all, I can’t be critical as I don’t know how much is down to my (hopefully) temporary sensory impairment but the content is good, form and appearance exceptional and it is a highly filling, visually appealing pie. As a bonus, I eat the second half wholly by hand with zero spillage.

In summary, I’d eat it again, and may well do in the New Year. Albeit I will have to pay an extra thirty pence for the privilege.

No need to provide any further links or details, it was bought from this little place called ASDA! I expect you’re already familiar with them.

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Finally, I’d like to wish all pie lovers a very merry Xmas and Hap-pie New year to you and your families!