This was another pie I picked up from Taylor’s Butchers in Trentham (Stoke). They’ve got a great selection of plate pies.

The lamb and potato pie tickled my fancy, as did the myriad of steak combinations (Guinness, stilton, ale and so on) but I try and think of the family when I buy a plate pie, so I went for the Chicken, Bacon and Leek pie, so I can share half with the better half. If I must. Well, maybe not half, more like a 60:40 split in my favour. I can get away with that.

The plate pie cost around £5 and on the label I note it was actually from Bev’s Bakery. Like the pork pie I got from this establishment, I suspect it was bought in. And that’s fine, the meats here look fabulous in their own right.

After a quick Google, I have established that Bev herself (I presume) is based in Stone in Staffordshire and regularly sells her gorgeous looking products at Farmer’s Markets across Staffordshire.

Let me tell you about the pie, however. It has a lovely, golden, glazed shortcrust top, with decorative pastry letting you know what’s inside. I manage a clean take as it slips perfectly out of the foil tray, completely intact – always a promising start.

In fact, the crust is robust enough to holds its shape throughout, a crisp surface giving way to softer dough, wrapped around a thick bank of filling.

There’s a touch of nervousness on my part upon cutting in. It can’t be too dry or too meaty, otherwise the good lady might not like it, but worry ye not, it looks like a belter….

The pie is heavy and densely packed with a moist interior. I can see lush green leeks, chunks of bacon and chicken all wrapped in a tantalisingly creamy sauce. The leek is arguably the star of the show: wonderfully juicy with big long slithers folding in and out of the meat.

Portion wise, this could probably feed a family of four, and is perhaps meant to do, which makes it great value for around a fiver. As I polish off just over half of it, with some veg and chips, I’ve perhaps over faced myself here as I’m seriously stuffed, but it is a highly satisfying feed nevertheless

The finer details
Review date: 9th March 2023
Price: £5.00 from Taylor’s Butchers, Trentham
Baker: Bev’s Bakery
Address: Unit 22a, Whitebridge Ind Est, La, Whitebridge Way, Stone ST15 8LQ
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