Sargeants Minced Meat Pie

As per my previous blog, I picked up a trio of products from Sargeants of Leigh last week, and now the (Peppered) Meat and Potato has been done and dusted, let us see what the minced meat pie has to offer (£1.50) It is a little bit dinkier, as you’d expect for the price and meat filling, but still a

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Bev’s Bakery Chicken, Bacon and Leek Pie

This was another pie I picked up from Taylor’s Butchers in Trentham (Stoke). They’ve got a great selection of plate pies. The lamb and potato pie tickled my fancy, as did the myriad of steak combinations (Guinness, stilton, ale and so on) but I try and think of the family when I buy a plate pie, so I went for

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M&S Best Ever Steak Pie

I got this a while back and I am currently in the process of emptying my freezer of pies. So, there needs to be a brief disclaimer that it might not be in the best condition but surely if it’s so good, it won’t degrade that much by being on my pie shelf for a few months? It’s a pie

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Taylor’s of Trentham Pork Pie

Prior to my annual pilgrimage to Melton Mowbray, I got in touch with the fantastic Stoke fanzine, Duck magazine, and asked if any of it’s readers could provide me with a few tips for decent Potteries pies. Of course, I should try oatcakes really but this is a pie blog, I’ve nothing against them, indeed I could quite fancy one,

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Pukka Pepperoni Pizza Pie

This one appeared on my timeline before Christmas, and was received with what might best be described as a ‘mixed’ response. “Stop messing with food” as Partridge might say. My own opinion veered between being both horrified and intrigued, but nevertheless I felt duty bound to check it out. I picked one up from Tesco in December and put it

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