If you are reading this page, there’s a chance you have an interest in pies. You might also be looking forward to the forthcoming publication of the Good Pie Guide, which will feature over 1,000 great places across the country where you can buy a pie. (best guess late next year or early 2023, it seems a while off but hey doesn’t time fly!)

This all started for me ten years ago, when I hatched upon the idea of reviewing the pie shops I knew and doing a diary about it. It was originally meant to be a Good Pie Guide but I opted for a travelogue style journey instead. Most people who have bought the book absolutely loved it, but it did kind of slip between the genres of food / travel / adventure on a wider scale, so yes I still have copies left. The trials of a self publisher eh?

As part of the new book, I am revisiting the 300+ places I visited mainly to check whether they are still trading and how they have evolved. Sadly, quite a few haven’t, which is no surprise during these trying times but plenty are thriving, and of course they will feature in the new book.

The Good Pie Guide will also feature hundreds of new or previously undiscovered butchers, bakers and candlestick makers (well, undiscovered by me anyway) and I will be expanding my taste buds to capture new and exotic flavours.


As with Life of Pies, I am not going out there to savage places, I am not a food critic. I am just a daft lad from Wigan who writes about stuff and likes pies. If an independent pie maker gets a bit of positive press off the back of it, then good luck to them.

If you are a pie maker, and you would like to be included in the next volume, please get in touch and we will talk pies!

In the meantime, if you want to read the previous instalment, where I scour the country eating 314 pies in search of the best, then Life of Pies makes a cracking read or an even better gift for the pie lover in your life. It is around 380 pages and costs just £4.99 plus P&P. (RRP is £9.99 I should add)

You can buy it from the PIE SHOP at the Life of Pies site.

If you’ve already got it, then thanks and I will look forward to sharing more details on the Good Pie Guide as it evolves next year

Merry Christmas, to one and all!!