There were a choice of two in our house for these new(ish) Lidl pies, and of course, in our house, I’m always last pick.

The options were this Chicken and Prosecco Pie and also a Curried Chickpea Pie. So this is not so much the loser’s pie but second choice for me as my wife went for the curried chickpea. Keen followers have already noticed that the chickpea one appears to be absent of a pastry top crust, thereby kicking it out of pie club, but it looks too good for me not to chance upon it next time.

Onto, my pie of (not) choice then. The chicken and prosecco Deluxe pie promises chicken in a Prosecco and parmigiano sauce, so there is definitely an Italian theme coming off here. It claims to be a shortcrust lid on the box, but it is actually a very tall, almost bouffant top at that and certainly looks more puff pastry to me.

Off to the oven it goes, and I get a marvellous buttery scent coming my way 2/3rds of the way through cooking time. Upon it’s emergence, I flip it over and out of the foil tray after a bit of coaxing and just the tiniest bit of pastry is left stuck to it, which I scrape off.

The crust is a lovely golden colour, enhanced by the herby topping but, alas, disaster is about to unfold. When there’s a heavy top crust, the pies tends to collapse underneath when you cut it in half, and this in indeed the case here. The obvious, more aesthetic solution to preserve it’s form would be to eat the pie upside down, but that’s just crazy talk.

The bottom line is that when I cut a pie in half, I expect it to resemble two halves of a pie, not a splattered mess.

The crust certainly has some decent flavour to it and the filling also does the business, with bountiful lumps of chicken in a creamy, cheesy sauce. I can’t honestly detect prosecco without the fizz but I can taste a slight, dry, sharp white wine flavour within the rich sauce. There’s also ample slithers of spinach in there, and there’s no harm in that, it was good enough for Popeye after all.

There’s no denying that the crust structure is a bit of a visual disappointment, and partly the reason why I always think shortcrust pastry works better than it’s puff cousin. It is still a satisfying pie though, saved by the fresh chicken and tasty sauce, there is the odd mouthful where the cheese gets really tangy and it’s quite heavenly in fact. Otherwise, it didn’t blow me away but a worthy pie served up with chips and veg.

The finer details
Review date: 6th January 2023
Price: The price was £2.49, praise the Lord for digital receipts
I’m not going to list all the other details because it’s Lidl and if you haven’t heard of Lidl or you don’t have one close to you, you must be living on the moon 😊
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