I got this a while back and I am currently in the process of emptying my freezer of pies. So, there needs to be a brief disclaimer that it might not be in the best condition but surely if it’s so good, it won’t degrade that much by being on my pie shelf for a few months?

It’s a pie which serves two but as we know by now, I rarely share pies and I reckon it cost the best part of six quid. It takes a good 35 minutes in the oven but I get a fair buttery waft coming off the delightful hand raised crust

The filling is incredibly dark and juicy, with a sweet flavour emanating from it and soaks nicely into the soft buttery, flaky crust. The side and base are cooked to perfection and there’s not much spare capacity in there. I can see lots of chunks of rich, dark, moist beef, a bit of mushroom and perhaps a bit of bacon and onion.

The pastry is incredibly lardy and sweet, to the extent that I can still smell it in the kitchen the next day. All in all, this is a satisfying rich and opulent pie, and you’d expect nothing less from M&S. The best ever steak pie? For M&S maybe, but the best ever steak pie anywhere. We’ll see……