In what can only be described as a moment of sadness, it’s time for the last of the Project Pies collection I picked up in Nottingham earlier this year, and to add to the suspense, I have no idea what flavour it will be. Nevertheless, it still looks in immaculate condition, considering its been in my freezer a few months.

Towards the end of the oven cycle, I get the most stunning waft of shortcrust pastry and it comes out beautifully cooked from top to bottom. Still don’t know what is inside it, mind you, possibly a darker steak pie?

Time for the big reveal and I am quickly under no illusion that this pie is steak, steak and nothing but the steak. Huge, whopping great big lumps of it come tumbling out. This review nearly gets brought to a premature end as the chunks are so big that I nearly choke on one of them in my eagerness to neck this beautiful beef.

I quickly make an executive decision to break with protocol and make a bit of Bisto to go with it. Usually I avoid gravy and condiments, as I want to focus 100% on the pie flavour but this is a pie so packed with meat that there’s no room for any gravy or sauce inside it, so I pour gravy over half of it to enhance and serve it as it was meant to be. I should add that there is plenty of moisture inside when I delve deeper, especially in the roof of the pie and that the pastry encasing it tastes wonderfully soft and buttery as well.

Overall, a wonderfully meaty pie capable to satisfying the heartiest of appetites. I can’t wait to get back to the fine city of Nottingham to sample more of these.

The finer details

Review date: 11th September 2022
Price: A small pie is £3.50 but they are far from small!
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