This one appeared on my timeline before Christmas, and was received with what might best be described as a ‘mixed’ response. “Stop messing with food” as Partridge might say. My own opinion veered between being both horrified and intrigued, but nevertheless I felt duty bound to check it out.

I picked one up from Tesco in December and put it in the freezer till the New Year. You can cook this pie from frozen but I defrosted it first overnight. Now, it looks a good sized pie, and surprisingly not too calorie dense (500ish??) for a pizza in a pie.

The chief ingredients are pepperoni, cheese and tomato, and considering I put another pie in the oven at the same time (the chicken one I had last week, her turn to try it) all I can smell is a pizza in a crust baking away in the oven.

I’m not sure how I feel about it as a concept, but all I’ll say is that, flavour wise, I am always going to go for that type of pizza when I’m out. Yes, I’m one of those savages who always has the mighty meat feast, or diavola. Anything with chillis on it, loads of meat and perhaps a bit of n’duja sausage.

So let’s dive in to this Pukka Pepperoni Pizza Pie, which scores highly for alliteration, if nothing else…..

Things don’t get off to a great start, as there is significant top crust leakage on to my ancient baking tray. I scoop up a few spoonfuls of filling and get a good mouthful of sweet tomato sauce and mini pepperoni slices to chew on.

This, unfortunately does have the effect of the pie only looking half full (or half empty if you prefer!) when I eventually cut into it. The pastry is very flaky puff pastry, did I read 180 layers somewhere?? However, this again, usually means that it can’t be filled to the top, as puff pastry tends to expand in the oven.

It is definitely an ‘on the plate’ job rather than handheld, unless you want millions of flakes all over your shirt, and I’m not quite sure what to serve it with, other than the standard chips and veg. Gravy feels wholly inappropriate for a pie of this style.

The volume of filling, as noted above, is a touch disappointing not withstanding the bit that sneaked out of the top crust, but flavour wise, it does what it says on the tin. It is literally a pizza topping / toppings(s) within a pie casing, and it tastes pretty decent, I’m getting a Chicago Town Pizza vibe from it.

Speaking of which, I hear that Chicago Town are doing a steak and kidney pizza……

The finer details
Review date: 11th January 2023
Price: £2.00 from Tesco
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