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Although it’s primary product is, of course, the Bakewell Tart, The Bakewell Tart Coffee house also serve a raft of pasties and a range of pies including a Huntsman’s pie (lamb, turkey and stuffing), spinach and feta cheese pasty (no thanks), award winning steak pies and the ubiquitous pork pie. I opt to purchase a traditional Dales lamb and leek pie for £2.25 along with a whopper of a Bakewell tart, not a Bakewell pudding its predecessor which usually comes without icing. The pastry is sturdy, dense and with a flower on top. Not that sturdy though as a trusty knife and fork has to come out. It is cooked to perfection at home, by myself, with brilliant moistness inside. Upon diving in, I get a bit of subsidence but it is a good inch and a half deep with tender chunks of lamb, luminous green slices of leek and a hint of mint. Once I’ve acclimatised to the flavour contrast it grows on me considerably

Presentation 4.0
Service 4.0
Pastry 4.5
Filling 4.5
Taste 4.5
Value For Money 4.3
Portion Size 4.5
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