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A classic Lancastrian meat and tater, probably not the best I’ve ever had but still a fantastic effort and I maybe have gotten a bit fussy over the past eighteen months. There is an early hiccup, as some of the crust remains hiding in the bag and the lid continues to detach itself, but it is a Premier League pastry with a raised centre. I ask for a hot one and get a hot one and even though it gets drenched along with myself, it still stinks the car out good and proper. As promised it’s a layered pie full of dense, juicy potatoes and light coloured meat, with a cute hole in the top to intoxicate you into the flavour, which comes oozing out when you bite in. The contents are orgasmically sweet potato and mince, rich and invigorating that hollers out it’s homemade quality

Presentation 4.8
Service 4.0
Pastry 4.0
Filling 4.8
Taste 4.8
Value For Money 4.5
Portion Size 4.5
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