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Chilly Billys stall. Market stall prices, market stall value: you can have two chicken and mushroom or mince and onion for a quid, or two Cornish pasties for the same price or just the one family pie. Four continental cheeses for a quid from Emmental to Camembert, blimey. Pork Pies, three for a quid. Bollocks to it, let’s get a big one for a whole pound.
The pie is dense and hand raised, you’ll pay more for less and both served and eaten cold. On volume alone there’s a huge romping ball of (possibly cheap) sausage inside, it I bigger than an actual pig but the flavour is a touch bland

Presentation 4.3
Service 4.0
Pastry 4.0
Filling 4.0
Taste 4.3
Value For Money 5.0
Portion Size 4.0
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