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Dales Butchers were the 2011 North West Black Pudding and speciality pork pie champion: pork and haggis. Two blokes serving, possibly a dad and lad combo, both wearing white aprons splattered with blood. A skinned, dead animal lies prone on a large block table behind them with its innards hanging out. A bit of blood and guts going some way to recompense for the fact I went all veggie on yo’ ass in the Lunesdale Bakery before. There’s a curious range of flavours including damson and Mr Vicky’s chilli. However, there’s an award winner in the house so I’m duty bound. It’s not a huge pie but consists of a pure meat filling save for a little air pocket where the jelly has nestled in. The spicy variety of several different kinds of sausage meat is quite pleasant, let’s just not discuss what it’s comprised of.

Presentation 4.0
Service 4.3
Pastry 4.3
Filling 4.5
Taste 5.0
Value For Money 4.3
Portion Size 4.0
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