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Ellisons has a big blue canopy next to the Standard pub and as I saunter in, a woman with close cropped hair picks up on me immediately. She enthusiastically goes through the full range and tells me how hot each of them is despite some linguistic difficulties. I give the game and rabbit pies the swerve and go for a plain old steak. Featuring a large pastry S on top so you know what flavour you’re eating it isn’t the biggest of pies but it’s contents are pure steak wrapped in some seriously tasty gravy. You need two of them to do the job properly. If my small sample size is reflective, the pies in Middlesbrough are a touch on the diddy size in proportion to their gigantic industrial landmarks.

Presentation 4.5
Service 4.5
Pastry 4.5
Filling 4.5
Taste 4.3
Value For Money 4.0
Portion Size 3.8
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