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Gents doesn’t look much of a place, you wouldn’t even know it was there unless you were looking for it. There’s no signs or advertisements, just a few cakes and loaves stacked in regimented fashion in the dimly lit window. It seems to be shut a lot of the time, probably because it’s owner managed and they famously only bake a limited number of pies, meaning you’ve no chance of getting one after 12pm. Yet Pepper Lane pie shop or C&G Gent to give it it’s proper name is rumoured to be the best in Wigan.
The place is superb and authentic with lots of endearing touches, for example, they still work out your bill with pen and paper (My total order = £3.05 for two pies and a can of dandelion and burdock) The meat and potato pie is delicious, delicate and delightful with rigid, uneven edges complimenting the softer centre and semi-dried gravy seeping out of the top gently bubbling away. The pie is red hot and emitting a truly heavenly scent. I put them in the boot of the car while I get my hair cut and I’m hit with a wall of lovely pie smell when I open it again ten minutes later. The filling is packed to the absolute brim and although advertised as a potato and meat pie, the meat content ratio is high with both braised and minced beef seemingly present complimented by large uneven blocks of golden stock soaked potato. Breathtaking. Simply perfectly made pies. Just get there early!

Presentation 5.0
Service 4.5
Pastry 4.5
Filling 5.0
Taste 5.0
Value For Money 4.5
Portion Size 4.3
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