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Did I read somewhere that Grumpies pies are Chris Evans’ favourite? Either way they should stick to pasties around here! Their steak and ale pie is a bit soggy underneath but redeems itself with a solid top featuring a pastry map of Cornwall. On the portability front, it flaps a bit and the ingredients come tumbling out when I attempt a hand job (pardon!) There is plenty of airspace in evidence and it’s also seriously padded out with onions and mushrooms. The meat is tough and doesn’t scream quality at me upon tasting it but what do I know? This must be one of those pies, middle class people convince themselves are great, because they’ve never been to a back street butcher in Workington.

Presentation 4.0
Service 4.3
Pastry 4.0
Filling 3.8
Taste 4.0
Value For Money 3.0
Portion Size 4.0
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