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Hayle’s has a wide range of steak and chicken pies along with meat patties (Are we in Jamaica?) and a ton of sweet jars in the window. Yet I succumb to local protocol and head to the far end where I am greeted with some dangerously large pasties. They look like genetically mutated freaks of nature: about a foot long. Small £1.20 (they’re not small!), Medium £2.10, Large £3.10. I initially consider a small one, itself the size of half a dustbin lid but then up the ante and plump for a medium, craftily pegged at 5p cheaper than their competitor up the road. The pasty has thick, sublime shortcrust pastry hand crimped at the side. The interior consists of dark chunks of meat, encased in layers of potato and onions, soaked in brine and interspersed with the odd bit of carrot and swede. It isn’t overly moist but there’s a lot going on in here. It is a real humdinger of a pasty: if you threw it at someone’s head you’d probably knock them clean out (Disclaimer: Life of Pies does not condone this act)

Presentation 4.3
Service 4.5
Pastry 5.0
Filling 4.8
Taste 4.5
Value For Money 4.5
Portion Size 5.0
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