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I remove the packaging at home and find it wrapped in a wedding cake style braiding. Does that go in the oven or not then? Thirty minutes later and there’s absolute carnage as I attempt to peel off the paper banding and it takes half the crust with it. Not only that but the bottom crust doesn’t want to detach itself either from something that resembles cardboard underneath and I have to get some scissors on the case to get a cross section picture. Proper big chunks of buffalo meat coated in melted peppercorns married with onions, leek, carrot and garlic. Slightly tougher meat but the peppercorn comes to the rescue, marinated in the buffalo meaning you don’t miss a mouthful. Just a shame it was so quick to disintegrate.

Presentation 4.0
Service 4.0
Pastry 3.5
Filling 4.5
Taste 4.5
Value For Money 3.5
Portion Size 4.0
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