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Pengenna Pasties is situated on the High Street in St Ives with a big red fronted shop. A man in a butchers’ apron standing behind a serving hatch beyond which lie rack after rack of gigantic stacked pasties on greaseproof paper and trays. I initially mistake their pasties for loaves of bread such are their dimensions and then….OMG THEY’RE AT LEAST TWO FEET LONG. Priced accordingly mind you. The pasty is top crimped and to my eternal shame I burn the folding seam of the top crust a bit in the unfamiliar caravan oven. It’s a touch difficult to eat, being crimped at the top and I decide it best to cut in half and eat it kebab style to stop the contents spilling out. There are millions, if not trillions of diced up pearls of potato, onion, swede and steak inside giving it an excellent, mixed flavour contrast with soft and plentiful contents although felt a little dry and under seasoned in parts. It was at least eight inches long (honestly) and no mean height and depth either. If a Cornish miner had a pasty of this magnitude for his lunch, I wouldn’t expect him to emerge for the afternoon. He’d sat on his arse with a newspaper over his head gently blowing it up and down with his snorey exhalations.

Presentation 4.0
Service 4.5
Pastry 4.3
Filling 5.0
Taste 4.3
Value For Money 4.5
Portion Size 5.3
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