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Described as The ultimate pork pie, he may look like a bit of a toff on his website but this is a growler and a half. Philip has earned his stripes here with an enticing pork pie bursting with flavour. There’s a nice outer layer of jelly encasing lots of thick, juicy fine sausage meat.
I have a gander on his website which states “”we use meat from happy animals raised on farms”” This is just what I want to hear when I’m eating one of them. Although Philip himself looks way too posh to be stunning piglets with electrodes as he waxes lyrically about the captivating rapport he encountered between buyer and vendor in downtown Paris. They also do a pork pie with juniper and crushed acorns. Acorns? I used to go to school with a lad who used to eat acorns.
NB Not sure if they have stopped trading

Presentation 4.5
Service 4.5
Pastry 4.3
Filling 4.5
Taste 4.8
Value For Money 4.0
Portion Size 4.5
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