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A highly controversial offering. The top crust has a sturdy quality to it with hand crimped edges and has a shiny, well glazed coating with even a token nod to the traditional London pie, with its oblong shape and thick overhanging crust lip. However, the bottom is a touch soggy making it hard to manage in the hands and ultimately falls apart somewhat. Rich peppery gravy comes roaring out like an angry lion, spitting dark fire all over my fingers, the wrapper, the tray, you name it. Rich chunks of meat and a dominant, full blooded gravy. A distinctive almost unique taste for both meat and gravy, full flavoured, aromatic and very, very peppery yet also quite sweet in parts

Presentation 5.0
Service 4.5
Pastry 4.0
Filling 4.5
Taste 4.8
Value For Money 4.0
Portion Size 4.3
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