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Philps do not sell pies only pasties, tons of them lined up in trays on greaseproof paper: beef, chicken, cheese, vegetable, breakfast and steak flavour. The minced beef are sized: standard, medium and large with the standard alone being the size of a shoe box. I opt for a small one at £2.15, pathetic I know, but I’ve a few to get through and Man versus Cornish Pasty could be a challenge which finishes me off before it’s begun. The pastry has a semi-flaky outer, soft and fluffy and finished with a hand crimp at the side and the contents are furiously, almost volcanically, hot. Inside, it is a carefully arranged affair, with compartments of sausage style beef, segregated from the diced potato. I detect a bit of jelly attached to the beef which gives a warm, juicy taste to every bite as it permeates through the pasty’s content. Very well seasoned too with a bit of a kick.

Presentation 4.5
Service 4.3
Pastry 4.5
Filling 4.8
Taste 5.4
Value For Money 5.0
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