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I am trying to get hold of a chicken Balti pie, seeing as they are made around here by Shire Foods in Leamington, and I land upon the Stoke Bakery. There are sausage Rolls plus deliciously soft looking, hand crimped Cornish pasties and a series of “slices”. Slices? Slices? This is not cricket! Slice is what I do when I play golf and go around Duxbury Park in 120. Given a choice of chicken, peppered steak and cheese and onion I go for the West Midlands aligned Chicken Balti slice. The appearance is heavily layered puff pastry containing a flimsy thin layer of meat and sauce in a rich spicy Balti marinade with onion which stunk me car out good and proper

Presentation 4.5
Service 3.5
Pastry 4.0
Filling 4.0
Taste 4.5
Value For Money 4.3
Portion Size 4.3
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