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Warrens, as the locals would have it, are the Greggs of Cornwall. Their ads tell us how they’ve been making the original, perfect, authentic Cornish pasty since 1860. However, their crime has been to become big with a string of branches and a spin off retail brand called Simply Cornish. I get a medium steak pasty for £2.60. It is side crimped therefore a big ring of pasty knotted around the periphery. How dry this is, defines how good the pasty is in my book. There’s nothing worse than having a bite of something without any filling in it. Apparently you’re not meant to eat this bit anyway, it was only ever meant to be used as a handle for the miners to eat the pasty with. They would traditionally chuck the crimped bit away due to the high levels of the arsenic on their hands in the tin mines. See, educational this! The filling is hotter than a lava filled handbag and consists of whopping chunks of chuck steak, huge slabs of potato with other veg and swedes. It has a surprisingly opulent quality to it, considering some of the Cornish pasty purists are ranting on web forums that Warrens are dreadful and commercial

Presentation 4.3
Service 4.3
Pastry 4.3
Filling 4.8
Taste 4.8
Value For Money 4.5
Portion Size 5.0
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