As per my previous blog, I picked up a trio of products from Sargeants of Leigh last week, and now the (Peppered) Meat and Potato has been done and dusted, let us see what the minced meat pie has to offer (£1.50)

It is a little bit dinkier, as you’d expect for the price and meat filling, but still a reasonable size. Once again, I plop it on to the plate and see how intact it remains. The golden pastry holds firm, and just like the Sargeant pepper, it has a sturdy but gentle, leathery texture.

Inside, the gravy is much darker this time and the contents are jam packed, full of tender mincemeat chunks. Once again, you have to take your hat off to the independent pie shops of Leigh for conjuring up such a perfect little meal wrapped in a golden gift of shortcrust pastry.

For those of you whom this applies (Northerners mainly), whereas I have kept a fork on standby, it is also perfectly adequate to eat by hand, given the robust pastry. So I polished off the second half with minimal spillage, either on my jumper or the plate. In summary, another little belter and if you like your pies big, cheap and full of fiery, peppery seasoning, then the “Leigh Pie Triangle” (Sargeants, Taylors, Claphams and let’s chuck in Dawsons from nearby Atherton for good measure) is where it’s at.

Finally, I mustn’t forget the Millionaire Shortbread Slice test. (£1.50) In terms of size, it is a very hefty slab, a good two to three inches square. In terms of ratios, I like a bit more caramel in there, and this is 70% shortbread. The chocolate is decent and rich in flavour, but again, I’d like the caramel a little softer, this has a got a bit of a Chomp type texture to it. It’s sweet but not sickly sweet, which I how I like it (certainly when I’m eating it, maybe not afterwards)

The shortbread is soft and slightly crumbly, but I have no qualms about standing over the bin, tipping the crumbs off the plate into my hand when I’m done, to collect the remnants. The pies were brill, the shortcake above average, 7 out of 10. We might not be millionaires but we can feel like one if we’re eating one of these little beauties…

The finer details

Review date: 15th February 2024

Price: £1.50 for a Sargeant’s Minced Meat Pie (and £1.50 for a Millionaire slice

Address:  57-59 Leigh Rd, Leigh WN7 1QZ


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