Sargeants has been on my hit list for a while. I recall having them once before, when my local pub at the time (The Globe in Standish) used to do them as part of a buffet, but a long time ago. They form one of a holy triumvirate of traditional Leigh Bakers, along with Taylors and Claphams.

It seems I am of a certain age, whereby my primary reason for visiting Leigh is for a hospital appointment but there is always a blessing to be found in this case, Sargeants Bakery, situated just around the corner.

I pick up this little lot for just over a fiver (£5.10)

£1.50 each for a minced meat pie and a millionaire shortbread, the latter being my cake of choice from any bakery and £2.10 for a large PEPPERED Meat and Potato, hence the name Sargeant Pepper’s Pie! Note: I’m not calling it Potato and Meat either, it just doesn’t sound right.

It is not so much a Wigan thing but as you head towards Leigh, peppery pies are definitely a thing, both with the illustrious names mentioned above, and Dawsons of nearby Atherton and Tyldesley. So, after a quick ten minute oven re-heat, let’s dive in!

Well, for a kick off, I cut the pie in half and get the pepper as soon as I lick the knife (don’t try this at home kids!) The pie has a firm crust, a high, top crust and a decent layer of filling. Now I like flavour but I do also like spice, and although it is the most basic of condiments, the pepper really cranks it up a notch, especially during the winter months.

The filling is dark on colour with mince, potato and gravy all in the mixture, it all melts gently in the mouth, buoyed by an extra kick in each mouthful. I’ve really missed this sort of taste experience and it has whetted my appetite for more……

The finer details

Review date: 15th February 2024

Price: £2.10 for a Sargeant Pepper’s Potato and Meat Pie

Address:  57-59 Leigh Rd, Leigh WN7 1QZ


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