Pooles Pies

Purchased from Asda, Pooles Pies are not what they were when I was growing up. At a mere 84 pence though it’s hard to [...]


The staff are attentive and courteous and hand me an oblong shaped pie with a soft, supple crust. Unfortunately, despite it’s £1.10 price tag, [...]

M.Manze Minced Beef Pie

The pie itself is full flavoured and is essentially mince, mince and more mince, not that the descriptor in the shop described it as [...]

Greenhalgh’s Meat and Potato Pie

Consisting of generous slabs of soft yellowy potato interspersed with beads of mince, the pastry is soft but a tad heartburn inducing at times, [...]

Greenhalgh’s Butter Pie

The best compliment I can give here is that it didn't feel like there was something missing......There is a solid shortcrust pastry with a [...]

Coward’s Meat and Potato Pie

A deep, oblong shaped pie populated with slide rule square cubes of potato and mince sprinkled with liberal amounts of gravy. The pastry is [...]

Gigli’s Pork and Apple Pie

Giglis came with a reputation and certainly lived up to it be it their standard fayre or something with a little twist to it. [...]

Gigli’s Meat and Potato Pie

Gigli’s is a superb place. Endless pies to pore over, including: cheese and onion, steak and Guinness; chicken, ham and leek along with some [...]