Terms of Use and Other Stuff

There aren’t many things to mention, but we need to tell you about the following bits and pieces –

The content of the Good Pie Guide site is largely user-generated, as you might expect. If you have a fundamental objection to anything posted, please let us know and we will review it. But you should know that, if it’s just a critical review of a particular product, then we probably won’t be removing it.

Please be respectful when you post anything on the Good Pie Guide. Whether it’s a review or a comment on someone else’s review, by all means be frank, but please also be civil. If not, your review will be deleted without explanation.

All reviews here are just that, reviews. They are not explicit endorsements of any shop, baker, pie or anything else. If you disagree, then say so. Either comment on the review you disagree with, or add your own.

One of the worst things about review sites such as Trip Advisor or whatever is the number of fake and duplicate reviews posted. We want the Good Pie Guide to remain free of clutter and fake content. Because of that, all new reviews will be approved before publication, and the originating IP address will be logged to prevent multiple reviews from the same user for the same product. It’s not foolproof, but we think it will help.

If you are the owner or supplier of any establishment on the Good Pie Guide, then we intend to introduce a facility that will allow you to claim the listing and reply directly to reviews and comments. This is still in the development phase, but we will have it ready as soon as we can.

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