Bakewell Tart Shop Steak and Ale Pie

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We spent Christmas in Bakewell this year, away with family and my eldest daughter is obsessed with Bakewell tarts. I didn’t have the heart to tell her, that the locals would be less than impressed by her choosing a tart over a Bakewell pudding, but the little lady gets what the little lady wants.

Of course, it is pure coincidence that the Bakewell Tart Shop sells pies too. I really should have checked to see whether the Bakewell Pudding Shop sells pies as well but I was already getting “the glare” so I had to crack on and secure purchases.
One giant Bakewell Tart, a steak and ale pie and a lamb and leek pie.

I’ve had the Lamb and leek before, I think it featured in Life of Pies and it was quite impressive from memory. So this time I’m going to weigh in firstly with the Steak and Ale. I pop it out of the branded paper bag and into the oven for 20 or so minutes.
It is quite a deep and heavy pie, which is always a pleasing sight, marked with a triangle on top to denote the flavour. As it cooks in the oven, I can confirm a slight buttery waft is emanating from inside, particularly pleasurable in my case as I am still very slowly getting my smell back after the dreaded COVID.

The crust is very prominent, a lovely golden brown colour, slightly flaky but crisp to cut into. I get some scissors to cut out the foil tray, as it doesn’t seem to be dis-lodging but I manage to keep it intact and out on to the plate and it is well baked and perfectly formed.

I open her up and find a good inch and a bit of prime steak packed into there. Any worried about dryness quickly fade away, as there is a pleasant layer of gravy type jelly (or jelly type gravy) surrounding it’s interior. The cutlery is out on the plate but it isn’t required, as this pie holds together well and can be eaten by hand. The large chunks of steak are exceeding juicy and tender, and I find myself salivating with each bite.

There is a bit of airspace at the top but this isn’t at the expense of content, it merely gives the meat a bit of air to breathe. It doesn’t feel overwhelmingly boozy, so I’m not really picking out the ale, but the gravy is sweet and wraps around the earthy finish of the beef.
Overall, a very decent portion size, which would satisfy most appetites. Me, I still want more because it was so good. Then again, I can always have a slice of Bakewell Tart for afters instead.

Review date: 1st February 2022
Price: £2.75 for a Steak & Ale Pie (I think!)
Address: 18 Matlock St, Bakewell DE45 1EE
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