Upon returning from the Pie Awards with 14 pies, many of which would need freezing, I quickly realised that I already had at least 14 pies in my freezer when I opened it. So I have SWORN not to buy any more pies until I have cleared the backlog (purely to make way for more pies, obviously)

So here is today’s contribution to my freezer clearance challenge. Taylor’s is a fantastic farm shop in Lathom, near Ormskirk in Lancs, and as you can see, it has been in the freezer for a while, judging by the best before date.

If I recall, as well as getting whatever I needed for the BBQ I was doing (as it was August), I picked up a butter pie and a peppered steak pie (£1.95). Here is that peppered steak pie, and it is an intriguing shape certainly.

It has a very flaky top crust, which is loosely attached to the crimped shell of the pie and is a familiar, tapered, oblong shape, usually associated with the classic steak and kidney.

Anyway, the combination of meat and pastry gives off an impressive aroma as it cooks, and it comes out slightly darker but still intact. I often find these pies a little hard to manoeuvre, when they are so top heavy on crust, and they can collapse if the filling isn’t too generous. There’s none of that here, however, as there is a deep layer of tender, light steak underneath the flaky levels of crispy pastry.

It isn’t too saucy or moist, and the pepper is clearly marinated within the meat. There is a bit of sauce, where the black pepper is present but the meat is juicy and moist as well. The pepper is consistently warm, rather than napalm intensity and I manage to polish off the pie completely with my hands.

Although evidently, my main issue with puff pastry rears it’s ugly head again, namely that there’s always going to be plenty of it left on the plate compared to a shortcrust or hot water variety. Such a waste! Conversely, the thick crust does makes the pie easier to handle, even if you get crumbs on your shirt.

Ultimately, the meat is the star of the show, as tender and appetising as you’d expect from a butcher / farm shop.

Review date: 27th March 2022

Price: £1.95

Address: Hall Ln, Ormskirk L40 5UW

Website: https://taylorsfarmshop.co.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Taylors-Farm-Shop-382800491782496/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/taylorsfarmlath

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