This was another pie, picked up for me by my good mate Paul, which was procured from the superlative Tebay Farm Shop.

Their range of pies is truly impressive and you will have to check out their website to get the full experience here. Suffice to say, that many of the ingredients are sourced locally in the Lakes, or bear the name of local landmarks.

I was given the option whether to go for the game pie (Swindale Wild Venison, Pheasant and Rabbit Pie to give it it’s full name) or one of the more traditional ones and the above beef and ale pie won the day.

It is very well packaged, in a layer of cling film and a paper tray and has a very distinct, soft rectangular shape to it.

The pastry aroma coming from the oven is rich and satisfying and upon pulling it out the oven, the pie pastry doesn’t completely come away from the container, but I am pleased to see it is wholly encased with sweet, crumbly pastry inside the layer of cardboard.

Upon opening her up, I am hit with a solid layer of thick, prime steak, layered on the edge with dark mushrooms. I’m not the world’s biggest mushroom fan, but you can barely taste them, when I finally dive in. The primary flavour is the fruity ale soaked gravy, marinating the hefty chunks of meat.

The beef is tender and the pastry is overwhelming buttery and that makes for a pleasant melt in the mouth combination, with a fantastic flavour coming through.

All in all, a sumptuous tasting pie and I can’t wait to try out one or two others in their range as part of my book research

My apologies for the interior pic, I tried to do one of those clever “stacked” photos that those new age hipster Instragram pie makers do, but it didn’t quite come off. Sigh, I’m always learning….

The finer details

Review date: 11th December 2021

Price: £3.20 for the Blencathra beef in Ale Pie (online price, stockists may vary)

Address: Unit 16, Blencathra Business Centre, Threlkeld Quarry, Blencathra, Keswick CA12 4TR





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