It has been a while, and time to delve into another fantastic pie from Wilfred’s. These wonderfully packaged, gourmet style pies are of a good size and always full of quality ingredients. They deliver across the country and you can get a box of four Saucy Cows (or a small herd if you prefer) for £14.50 delivered to your door.

They are produced by a company based in Swansea called Lewis Pies & Pasties and their range of flavours is something to behold, many of them with a local twist: The Gower Cwtch Pie (Steak & Horseradish); Steak and Red Pie (Beef Bourguignon); a Chicken, Leek and Taffy Apple Cider Pie; and there is also a Cheesy Chicken, Leek, Potato & Spinach Pie. For veggies they also offer a Spicy Cauliflower and Spinach Balti Pie. The impressive list goes on and on, and they also do pasties and desserts.

On to the Saucy Cow, and this is their take on a Steak and Ale pie, infused with mustard and sweet Welsh ale. I cannae wait!

The pie is of similar dimensions to the Beef Bourguignon pie, I reviewed here. Which means that the crust is the star of the show once again. Multi-layered, crusty and flaky but not so much that it falls to pieces, it is just wonderfully crisp and buttery.

It is a very deep pie but with such a thick top crust, it piles into the filling a little, making it drop in height when you cut into it. It is well baked throughout however and lovely and moist without being soggy.

Now on to that filling and there’s no filler in here, it is bustling with tender chunks of soft beef, wrapped in a creamy, light sauce. I’ll wager this was made with a golden ale, given the lightness and sweet flavour of the gravy.

So you really don’t need to add any gravy as well, but if you got served this up in a pub with chips, veg and gravy, it would undoubtedly form an excellent part of a substantial meal. This is a really tasty pie, consistently flavoured throughout and a great texture to the meat. I’m very sad when it’s all gone and craving another, not that I’d be able to finish it.

Review date: 1st October 2022
Price: Prices for a box of four can range from £13.00 to £14.50. This box retails at £14.50 for four (£3.62 each to be precise)
Address: Units 3-6 Abergelly Road, Fforestfach, Swansea SA5 4DY
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