It’s that time of year again when my fridge and freezer seem to be over-run with pies, as we approach the end of British Pie Week. I am currently working my way through the various pies I have curated from up and down the country in both blog and future book form.

Last week I received a delightful box of beautifully presented pies from Lewis Pie & Pasty Co from Swansea. The brand that they trade under is Wilfred’s Pies and thankfully for the likes of myself, they ship their wonderful pies in fancy packaging, full of pie based love, across the UK.

It also satisfies my desire to spread my pie-eating wings away from my native North West of England, as I continue to find perfect pies of all shapes and forms for my follow up book.

The range of flavours is something to behold, many of them with a local twist: The Gower Cwtch Pie (Steak & Horseradish); The Saucy Cow (Steak & Hoppy Ale); a Chicken, Leek and Taffy Apple Cider Pie; and there is also a Cheesy Chicken, Leek, Potato & Spinach Pie. For veggies they also offer a Spicy Caulflower and Spinach Balti Pie. The impressive list goes on and on, and they also do pasties and desserts.

I got a box of four pies from their online shop priced at £14.50, so just over £3.50 each, and was delighted to find that each pie was of a hefty size.

The flavour I dived into tonight was the Steak ‘n’ Red. It is a Beef Bourguignon style pie, consisting of steak, slow cooked in red wine, garlic and beef stock, with onions, carrots and mushrooms also in the filling.

Upon pulling her out of the packaging, I am met with a sturdy, semi flaky crust, topped with mixed herbs, which adds an air of opulence to it and smells buttery and fresh.

I had some concerns that the over-hanging crust might not release itself from the foil tray once cooked, but a little wiggle and a shake and it drops perfectly and intact onto the plate.



The crust is firm and has a reassuring crunch on the outer shell, but with plenty of give inside as the gravy has soaked in. As I cut the pie in half, I am hit with a wave of steam, followed by a tumbling out of rich, dark steak chunks, sweet, diced carrots and cute, sliced button mushrooms.

As a disclaimer, it has been well documented that I am not a huge fan of mushrooms, but as this is a beef bourguignon pie, then who am I to argue? The beef is the star of the show however, as you’d expect: large tender strands which melt in the mouth, marinated in dark, sweet red wine gravy.

There’s also lightly coloured, sweet carrots and whole pearl onions added to the mix and this is a definitely a meal in a pie, though as you can see, I added broccoli, carrots and chips. And a bit of gravy eventually. I like to eat the pie as it comes to get the full flavour experience, but it was so good, I almost forgot to put the gravy on.

The good news is that I have three more of these to sample. The bad news is that there’s loads more on their website I am itching to try. So many pies, so little time, the age old problem for me…..



Review date: 10th March 2022
Price: Prices for a box of four can range from £13.00 to £14.50. This box retails at £14.50 for four (£3.62 each to be precise)
Address: Units 3-6 Abergelly Road, Fforestfach, Swansea SA5 4DY
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